How to make an insect boat


1. You will need

  • 2 nails
  • Small wooden half moon blocks
  • 2 holly leaves
  • Hammer


2. How to make the boat

Firstly push 1 nail through the top of a holly leaf.

Secondly bend the holly leaf back at the bottom and then push the nail through the bottom of the leaf do this  to each leaf.( leaf with a nail through now = the sail )

Then place a sail at the front and back of the ship and hammer down in place.


3. The final boat.

Once you’ve finished, test it on water if it sinks you’ve got some random problem that I’ve never had but it should float.




You could also put an engraving on your boat so you know which is which.

If your boat does sink the only problem I know of is, it’s too heavy.





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